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Red, White & Blue Vintage Aviator Musical Baby Crib Mobile by JoJo Designs (MOBILEAVIATOR)
from $ 44.99
The Vintage Aviator Musical Mobile soothes your baby to sleep playing the music of Brahms' Lullaby. Mobile set includes: Canopy, Arm, Fabric Cover and Music Box. Easy to follow assembly instructions are included. Note: The plastic clamp fits standard rails up to 2 3/4 inches wide.
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Vintage 1950 was some kind of plastic dolls with the scent of How to be rid of them nasty?

The dolls in the 1950s Is made aware of the beginning of the hard plastic dolls and plastic They often have an unpleasant smell from the mold in the temperature and humidity It takes exposure to changes. How to remove the smell of nanyi Would like to find. Thank you!

Perhaps the smell This is because mold and bacteria. If you have a doll dress, and perhaps The smell is coming out of their oteuleseo. To plastic If you have a full clean up and then out of the puppets made Plastic. Take some bleach (laundry, that kind of Used), it (and just a few drops of bleach to 10 times more water Use it to test), diluted in it with a paper towel Take it to clean the doll with. Clean properly Invisible, such as back or bottom part. It However, if you do not damage it, it really go away No. It then uses the bleach does not damage it If you are not cleaning it. Bleach all the fungi and bacteria I will kill. And after bleaching, bleach, wipe it off clean the dolls Get together again for the rest of the wet paper towels. And when you try to save Damp places - rather than a doll. 409 is a cleaner alternative to other types of Windex glass, or those cleaner. Either way, A small hidden part of your doll to use it to test First choice. And wash your hands in the future.

~Vintage Plastic Rattle Play Blocks, circa 1950's.wmv




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